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Cinema Sewer Podcast #004: Mixtapes & Video Bootlegging

There is a legend, a legend of two men -- if you can call them that -- who lived in the olllllld west and made a podcast out of wood, rocks, and clover honey. How? Well, it was the 1800's, so it was lacking in some technical ways, but goddamn it, spend a little less time "how"ing and a little more time "wow!"ing! Yep, roll your tumbleweeds on over, and set your frilly daisycrumpets down for a thrilling installment of the Cinema Sewer podcast, where Cinema Sewer magazine author Robin Bougie and sinister cowpoke Tim Hulsizer rustle up some movie and counterculture-type yarns for yer listening pleasures. 

This episode finds those filth-desperadoes going on about the 1970s Gorilla-rape adult movie from Canada -- Sexcula, an angry visit from Allen Pacino, a recollection of tape-trading and VHS bootleggers, and an inside look at the way Bougie has spent his adult life wrestling with Feminism and how it relates to fantasy.

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Cinema Sewer Podcast #003: Interview with Joe Rubin

Tim and Robin are in their sweaty man-cave again, and this time they've got Vinegar Syndrome's Joe Rubin with them! It ain't easy being sleazy, but these best buds bring the noise with jovial babble and stories about vintage adult director Hal Freeman, pumpkin festivals, and a special appearance from a major superstar celeb and his drunk pal! You won't ever want to leave, but you will indeed get kicked out when we get tired of you. Go sleep in your own bed!

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Cinema Sewer Podcast #002

Look out, them Cinema Sewer boys are at it again!  This time they're taunting the law with the first Mail Or Female segment, reading 200 proof letters from listeners.  Then their secret, backwoods still overflows with a barrel of Five Films They Love That Everyone Else Hates.  And just before you black out from all the fun, don't miss Robin's look back at the TV movie "Children of Times Square."  Yee haw, this episode is a real humdinger!

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Cinema Sewer Podcast #001

Everyone needs to start somewhere, and we're starting here! Cinema Sewer the zine -- and the book series -- has now transformed into Cinema Sewer the podcast! Join Robin Bougie and Tim Hulsizer as they boyishly babble about classic porn, 1980s cult films, vintage grindhouse cinema, horror, and other intimate aspects of trashy genre film making from yesteryear!

In this first episode, Tim and Robin discuss their humble beginnings as human beings who love movies, and *oh* the fun they have! The little dog pooped to see such fun. Yes he did. You'll find out all kinds of crap you couldn't care less about. The blood-soaked kung-fu classic from the mighty Shaw Brothers, 1973's Street Gangs From Hong Kong, is also dissected in intimate detail, and served up on a paisley platter of violent ass-whuppage.

Where do the boys go from here? Listen in on their conversation as if you were an ugly hairy pervert outside their door, and find out!

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